February 17, 2016

No new features today, went through feedback on how to improve views and also start using model managers. Adding a new db table for locations as well. Had to also spend time reading PEP8 standards and thinking about how to follow (I was ignoring but seems to be more pertinent as I progress).

Mapped out small updates to improve the forms and based on feedback as well.

February 16, 2016

Starting to add in real data and new features around it. Getting bulk produce seasonality is a work in progress, and I'm probably going to have to infer from a few sets and join them together, but an interesting problem nonetheless - let's me play a bit more with data in python.

Added feature that shows nearby farmers market (based on your zipcode, to be expanded). Both on web and via text.

February 12, 2016

Added specific produce information retrieval via SMS. It's super hacky, having someone review it so I can refactor and clean all this junk up - my sense is I'll want to be more thoughtful about the view for handling incoming messages.

Also better formatted the response for location based produce queries and did some research on where I can pull more data from.

Also, on github now.

February 10, 2016

Set up most the CRUD boilerplate and web forms for the produce app. Then added basic funcationality: unauthenticated, but can text the bot and get a list of produce (capped at 5 now, hopefully expand soon) that's in season for your state (and also hope to narrow this to a smaller notion of location, as well).

February 5, 2016

Back to programming and building after about a week on other things. Wasn't as jazzed on the notes thing so dove into another project that was on my mind: service that tells you what produce is in season near you.

Seasonality isn't always correlated with availability, particularly for local things, but nonetheless this lets me play more with SMS - going to use that for both adding new produce and requesting seasonal produce based on a location.

Setup the django app today with test data. Is able to return what produce is in season based on todays date to a web view. Will work on the Twilio view tomorrow. Then add more features around location and probably add some real information.

January 29, 2016

Receiving SMS messages via Twilio. In the middle of writing a method that would open a google form and submit the parsed message into the spreadsheet. Having trouble figuring this out while learning django.

Learned how to make my localhost accesible to web to test Twilio stuff locally - hugely helpful for debugging. Using ngrok.

January 28, 2016

Set up initial Django app with requisite django-twilio package. Made mistake of trying to upgrade Python before and had to fix problem with multiple version of Python installed, making sure django was correct in path, and virtualenv was working.

Setup Twilio number and built Google spreadsheet as a temporary data store for notes.